Swimming Lessons For Your Babies

Babies have a natural love of the water after having spent 9 months surrounded by fluid in their mummy’s tummy’s. You will be amazed by your babies natural ability to move in the water and their natural reflexes of which are very useful for under water swims.

Babies can join out swim lessons from 12 weeks or 12lbs right up until they turn 3 years old and then they move on to our SwimWell Scotland pre school lessons programme. SwimWell Scotland offer lessons for children and adults both in groups and on a 1-2-1 basis. Contact the SwimWell office on 0131 653 2419 for more information.

As well as having a great time and interacting with other parents and babies, our lessons also come with a huge range of benefits for both you and your baby. A few of which are listed below:

Swimming allows babies to move more independently long before they are able to crawl or walk.

Babies who develop their swimming abilities are often more alert for their age, with a better eating and sleeping pattern…Great news for mummy’s and daddy’s!!

Baby swimming is particularly beneficial for premature babies as it helps them re-capture stages of motor development that they may have missed while in their mummy’s tummy.

Baby and Dad