Frequently Asked Questions

Its only natural there will be lots of questions you want to ask before taking your baby swimming, We have made a list of the most commonly asked questions below,

Please also feel free to email me any other questions you may have:

At what age can I take my baby swimming?

Your baby can start swimming from 12 weeks or 12lbs whichever comes first, NHS Guidelines say your baby does not have to have had vaccinations before they start swimming.

What should my baby wear?

Your baby should wear a swim nappy with either a swim suit or shorts. We also sell baby wraps in blue and pink, these suits are like baby wet suits and are great to keep your baby warm in the water, these can be worn with only a swim nappy underneath.

Does the parent have to be a strong swimmer?

Parents do not have to be strong swimmers themselves, all our lessons take place in pools where parents are able to stand comfortably.

How long will the lesson last?

Lessons are 30 minutes in length, please be on poolside 5 minutes before class time.

Does the class involve submersions?

Only when both you and your baby are ready we will start submersions although this is not a huge part of our lessons, a lot of kicking and splashing on the top is great fun!

How long before our lesson should I feed my baby?

Please feed your baby no more than 30 minutes before class time, babies on solids should allow an hour for food to digest properly.

What if my baby is ill?

Please do not bring your baby to lessons if they are ill, If you are concerned about your babies illness and swimming please check with your GP.